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Mister Sterling is an American television serial drama created by Lawrence O'Donnell that ran from January to March in 2003. It starred Josh Brolin as an idealistic United States Senator, and featured Audra McDonald, William Russ, David Noroña, and James Whitmore as members of his staff. Despite mostly positive reviews, the show, which aired on NBC on Friday nights, was cancelled after 10 episodes after the show only ranked 58th in the yearly ratings Although it had numerous similarities to The West Wing in style and tone, it was not set in the same universe as O'Donnell's other political show. It is unknown if a cross-over would have ever occurred had Mister Sterling not been cancelled; however Steven Culp played presidential aspirant Sen. Ron Garland on Mister Sterling and House Speaker Jeff Haffley on The West Wing, and Democrats appeared to be in the majority in the US Senate on Mr Sterling, while in The West Wing consistent Republican control of both Houses of Congress was a key plot point. James Whitmore was nominated for a 2003 Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for playing former Governor Bill Sterling, the senator's father.


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Watch Mister Sterling season 1 episode 9 (S01E09)

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Reunited with his former college roommate, Senator Sterling agrees to help his college alum win an appointment as the Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for International Affairs. However, the seemingly airtight appointment runs into trouble when the Senator's friend is unfairly pegged as an environmental racist. Elsewhere, the list of applicants campaigning for the Senator's seat grows as local billionaire George Clooney throws his hat in the ring.

Watch Mister Sterling season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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Senator Sterling finds himself battling the Immigration and Naturalization Service when he attempts to help a member of his office's janitorial staff re-enter the country after she travels to Guatemala for her mother's funeral. Meanwhile, frustrated by the continuous debate over increasing the minimum wage, the Senator breaks protocol -- against the advice of Tommy -- in the hopes of forcing a vote, and then re-examines the complexity of the federal tax forms.

Watch Mister Sterling season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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Settling into his daily routine, Senator Sterling attends his first finance committee meeting only to be pulled prematurely when Jackie discovers the freshman Senator is unknowingly footing the bill for his luxury hotel suite. Meanwhile, Tommy councils Sterling on a bill regarding the missile-defense shield - and the Senator's ""no"" vote could cost thousands of jobs for his California constituents.

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Days after taking office, Senator Sterling is pushed by a determined Jackie to make a life-altering decision to begin his campaign for reelection. As the Senator grapples with this commitment, former chief-of-staff Arthur Peyton goes shopping for a billion-dollar Democratic candidate while the Republicans anoint a wealthy businesswoman of their own to run in California. Elsewhere, Leon struggles with his relationship with roommate Laura Chandler who is Sterling's media adversary. William Russ also stars.

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Senator Sterling fields questions during his first official press conference and against the advice of his Chief of Staff Jackie Brock responds to the dreaded drug issue, opening the flood gates for his political foes. Prompted by his son's uncomfortable appearance behind the podium former California Governor Bill Sterling Sr. heads to Washington D.C. to offer some political advice. Elsewhere, Senior Senator Jackson preys on the naïve Sterling's admiration, asking for his endorsement on a questionable bill. Meanwhile, Tommy Doyle and Leon Montero attempt to come up with a suitable answer for the drug question.

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Bill Sterling must fill a vacancy left by the death of an incumbent.

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